Date: 4/19/17 1:31 pm
From: L Fandrei <in-bird-l...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] (LAKE) Gibson Woods Nature Preserve Wed Bird Walk
This morning's Bird hike produced a few birds including our FOY Palm Warblers.  Yesterday I walked to see where we might walk due to high water in many areas so this list has a couple of birds from yesterday, but not seen today. I walked with a new birder who got to see 5 birds she had not seen before. What a delight!
Species list for 4/18-19 Woods and Feeder StationCanada Goose-5Mallard-5Wood Duck -2 (pair)(4/18)Ring-billed GullsRed-shouldered Hawk-1 (4/18)Mourning Dove-6Downy Woodpecker-2Northern Flicker -2Red-headed Woodpecker -1Ruby-crowned Kinglets-7Tree Swallow-2 (sitting on Bluebird House)Blue Jay-2Black-capped Chickadee 5White-breasted Nuthatch -1Brown Creeper -1 (4/18)American Robin-18Eastern Bluebird -2Hermit Thrush-2Northern Cardinal -4Red-winged Blackbirds-33Common Grackle-1Brown-headed Cowbirds -4Starlings-3American Tree Sparrow-2Chipping Sparrow-1Eastern Towhee (4/18)Field Sparrow- 1House SparrowSong Sparrows-3 plus many singing in the woodsWhite-crowned Sparrows-heard severalWhite-throated Sparrow-3House Finch -7American Goldfinch-13Palm Warbler-4Yellow-rumped Warbler-13
Of note- Today I did not see any Dark-eyed Juncos at the feeder station when I checked for a count.
Loyce FandreiHIghland

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