Date: 4/19/17 8:03 am
From: John Thomas <johnpam...>
Subject: [obol] Birds Near Silverton Tuesday- Late Report
A NASHVILLE WARBLER and ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER were both "nectaring" on a flowering shrub Tuesday. A CHIPPING SPARROW showed up later in another bush. BAND-TAILED PIGEONS (16) and CALIFORNIA QUAIL (20) were in backyard feeding areas along with Mourning Doves and EC Doves. Juncos have left but we still have over-wintering WT SPARROW (yellow morph), WC SPARROWS, AND GC SPARROWS (with the Song Sparrows and Spotted Towhees normally here). COWBIRDS (4) showed up a couple days ago mixed with RW Blackbirds. Two immature GH OWLS are begging in the woods for parents to bring food...One DOWNY WOODPECKER been drumming on a dead branch for over a week...Spring has sprung !

Good Birding,
John Thomas
5 mi NE of Silverton
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