Date: 4/19/17 5:35 am
From: <eric...>
Subject: Usual suspects back at Thurmond-Chatham gamelands
The application of prescribed fire used to maintain early successional
openings has really increased the numbers of prairie warblers and
perhaps whippoorwills. When I began visiting the gameland several years
back, one or two prairie warblers would be all I would detect on each
unit and now there are 3-4 times as many. I cannot say for certain
concerning the latter because until only a few days ago, I had not been
there during hours in which they could be expected to be calling with
any mentionable intensity. Good numbers of all the summer breeders that
I've reported in past years. Scarlet tanagers, worm-eating warblers,
ovenbird, black-throated green warbler, black-and-white warbler, wood
thrush, were singing with great intensity yesterday. Lots of turkeys
there, but not easy to get a shot at one.

Found a red salamander specimen as well...haven't seen many of those

Eric Harrold

Hays, NC
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