Date: 4/18/17 10:43 pm
From: ed mcv <ed.mcvicker...>
Subject: [obol] Red-Necked Grebe Behavior
It's always a treat for me to see a Red-necked Grebe and last Saturday
there were several in nearly complete alternate plumage along the S. Jetty
in Newport. For a while, they seemed to be actively feeding near the
middle of the channel but eventually they moved closer to the jetty
spending more time on the surface and in paired combinations. What
followed were intermittent episodes of display behavior - neck
extensions/bobbing, head shaking, coordinated rushing across the water
(though not quite the degree of 'dancing' by Western Grebes.) There were
other odd movements, poses and behaviors, too. I strung together a few
photos illustrating some of these poses.

I'm wondering if the neck/head poses and the open-wing poses are known
display behaviors, too. How common is it to see these grebes displaying in
Oregon before they depart for their breeding grounds?

Ed McVicker
SW Portland

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