Date: 4/18/17 10:22 pm
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Subject: [obol] Lake County Birding Summary
Greetings OBOLers,

My husband and I had a three day birding trip to Lake Co this past
weekend. We thought it might have been a bit early but it turned out to be
quite a successful trip.

The following are a few highlights of our sightings; full lists and photos
on ebird:

Fort Rock (Friday)
2 - Swainsons Hawks in courtship display in fields near park
120+ Mountain was quite incredible to see so many, we
figured it was due to unfavorable weather. On Sunday when we stopped back
we didn't see any!
2 - Prairie Falcon
1- Loggerhead Shrike

In agricultural fields south of Silverlake:
Ferruginous Hawk (Fri &Sun)
2 Long Billed Curlew

4 Western, 2 Least , 4 Bairds Sandpipers
75 Dunlin
1 Marbled Godwit
1 Semi-palmated Plover
3 Long Billed Curlew
12 Black Crowned Night Herons (courtship displays)
14 American White Pelicans
Many Bank, Cliff and Tree Swallows
1 Gray Flycatcher
4 Sage Thrashers
4 Redheads
2 Clarks Grebes
4 Western Grebes (courtship displays)
3 Eared Grebe
8 Willet
American Avocet
8 Black Neck Stilt
Vesper, Brewers, Savannah Sparrows
3 Great Horned Owl

Snowy Plovers had been reported but after searching for 3 days we did not
see them.

Off Hwy 31 near Silverlake we pulled off the road at a grove of Ponderosa
pines and saw 5 Pinyon Jay, Cassins Finch and Mountain Chickadees.

Off Paisley Resource Road we drove and hiked the road and saw Western
Bluebird, 2 Clarks Nutcracker, 2 Townsend Solitaire, Rough Legged Hawk,
and Golden Eagle

Back at Fort Rock on Sunday we saw 4 Rock and 2 Canyon wren, 1 Chipping
Sparrow, 6 White Throated Swift, and 1 Western Kingbird.

Cabin Lake we saw several Cassins and Crossbills and 1 Gray Jay.

It was a whirlwind of a trip, wished we had had all week to explore but
grateful for the time we did get. Good luck to anyone heading that way
soon, it's sure to be amazing!

Good birding!

Carolyn and Casey Storey
Forest Grove, OR.

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