Date: 4/18/17 9:20 pm
From: Dottie Belknap <dottie...>
Subject: [obol] Re: The most Oregonian bird?
Welcome, Jonathan, to the list. I consider myself a very short-time member
as it is just inching up to a decade of participation. In that time period
I have gained huge respect for the vast collective knowledge and efforts
made by each person who has contributed to the path of history of Oregon

Although your question is of some interest, now is not the time for a
devil's advocate play as Oregon has deep history regarding its selection of
the Western Meadowlark that I believe needs protection. What I hope you
will do is embrace the need for advocacy for birds whose populations are
diminishing in Oregon due to change in habitats caused by human capitalism.
Here is the letter I sent my state senator:

Dear Representative Ken Helm,

As a resident in your district I am writing to ask you to please vote no on
SCR 18, the resolution which would change the official state bird of Oregon
from the Western Meadowlark to the Osprey.

The original selection of the Western Meadowlark occurred in 1927 and has an
endearing history as it was chosen by Oregon's school children at that time.
It was a process that engaged, inspired and educated the public. Now is the
time to educate Oregonians as to how loss of grassland habitats has
diminished the numbers of Western Meadowlark in our state. Its designation
as Oregon's official state bird should serve as inspiration to protect and
recover the Western Meadowlark and Oregon's other imperiled bird species.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dottie Belknap

7020 SW Crestdale Drive

Portland, OR 97225


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Subject: [obol] Re: The most Oregonian bird?

PS: I just wanted to add that this is purely an academic question, not a
political one - nothing to do with our official state bird.

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Subject: The most Oregonian bird?

Greetings. I'm new to this list, and had a question.

The recent story about changing the state bird of Oregon got me wondering -
which bird would be the most "uniquely Oregon"? Ideally, by my measure
that'd be a bird with a full-year range exactly matching the border of
Oregon. Since that doesn't exist, which is the closest to it?

I was thinking perhaps a Wrentit, or "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco, maybe
Red-breasted Sapsucker. White-headed Woodpecker. Anyone have ideas?

Jonathan Ley


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