Date: 4/18/17 2:52 pm
From: Jack Chiles <chilesjack...>
Subject: [texbirds] Tuesday morning bird census. Hagerman NWR
On a very pleasant, unusually calm morning, we tallied 94 bird species. We saw 18 shorebird species including Hudsonian Godwits, a Willet, a Stilt Sandpiper, a couple of Solitary Sandpipers, early White-rumped Sandpipers and Upland Sandpipers(in a field near Brook's Farm). Yellow-headed Blackbirds were on the road to Plover Pad. They were feeding on the midges that were in abundance there.
We saw a couple of male Cinnamon Teals in last Marsh on the right on Wildlife Dr. The female Ring-necked Pheasant was present once again on the road to the Goode area. We saw Eastern and Western Kingbirds. We got closeup looks at a White-breasted Nuthatch near the gate to Meadow Pond Rd. We found a total of 7 Prothonotary Warblers, but that and Yellow-rumped Warblers were the only warblers to be found. The Grasshopper sparrows have returned near Short Rd. Lots of Dickcissels were singing. It was great to have the good ears and sharp eyes of Liam with us today.
Jack Chiles, Texas master naturalist and volunteer Hagerman NWR.
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