Date: 4/18/17 12:47 pm
From: Rodger Rang <rrang...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Fox Island-- April 18, 2017 AM
Marisa Windell and I, along with Doug Rood for a time, took a nice, slow walk down the main path to the Tree Trail this late morning.  I found the light breezes, ample sunshine, and mild temps quite therapeutic.  And it didn't hurt any to see a few birds, too (though, as always, many fewer than one wants to see).  We detected no Winter Wrens, Golden-crowned Kinglets, or Fox Sparrows, and had but one sapsucker, so things seem to be moving along.  Main highlights:

Cooper's Hawk- 1 on nest
Solitary Sandpiper- 1 perched on stick in middle of ephemeral pool just into the woods north of geogarden; our FOS
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker- 1
Brown Creeper- 1 sang quite a bit
House Wren- several
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher- 3
Ruby-crowned Kinglet- several singing
Hermit Thrush- 5
Pine Warbler- 2 singing; good, if distant, looks at one
Yellow-rumped Warbler- several; some singing
Yellow-throated Warbler- 3 singing; Marisa's FOS
White-throated Sparrow- numerous; many singing
Dark-eyed Junco- still 2 around

Also of note: While driving through a neighborhood beforehand, I had a small Buteo zip over my vehicle. I thought I was going to tick my first Broad-winged of the season until it called-- Red-shouldered. Oh well. Still more interesting than 95% of my other Buteo encounters.

Rodger Rang
Fort Wayne
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