Date: 4/17/17 8:03 pm
From: Matt Kalwasinski <in-bird-l...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] 121st Avenue west of Calumet Avenue, Apr 17, 2017 (Lake Co.)
This afternoon, I headed down to southern Lake County to check out the pond along 121st Avenue, and I was fortunate to find an Eared Grebe in full alternate breeding plumage. Below is my complete list, and the ebird link below has photos of the Eared Grebe.
Matt Kalwasinski

121st Avenue west of Calumet Avenue, Lake, Indiana, US
Apr 17, 2017 12:15 PM - 1:49 PM

Canada Goose  7
Tundra Swan  1
Wood Duck  2
Mallard  3
Blue-winged Teal  16
Northern Shoveler  4
Green-winged Teal  4
Bufflehead  4
Ruddy Duck  36
Pied-billed Grebe  4
Eared Grebe  1    
Great Blue Heron  1
Great Egret  3
Red-tailed Hawk  2
American Coot  1
Killdeer  6
Spotted Sandpiper  1    
Greater Yellowlegs  1
Caspian Tern  2
Mourning Dove  1
Tree Swallow  1
Barn Swallow  1
European Starling  1
Red-winged Blackbird  5
Eastern Meadowlark  1
Common Grackle  2

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