Date: 4/17/17 4:50 pm
From: Rodger Rang <rrang...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] SW Allen-- April 17, 2017
I spent parts of today cruising bits of SW Allen County, searching desperately for Golden-crowned Sparrow but failing miserably.  But by parking at various sites and simply scanning and listening from my vehicle, I managed a few highlights, the most notable probably these:

Passing through a nearby heavily wooded neighborhood--  Louisiana Waterthrush (1 singing)
Serv-All Ponds-- Gadwall (3), both teal, Lesser Yellowlegs (1), and my FOS Spotted Sandpiper (1)
FW Int'l Airport-- Lots of meadowlarks, a pair of kestrels, one Vesper Sparrow (silent), and my FOS Savannah Sparrows (9)
Eagle Marsh West End-- A Sora whinnied a couple of times just south of the lot; also NO stilts, lots of pectorals and yellowlegs (mostly Lesser)
A slow drive down the Eagle Marsh main drive-- Virginia Rail (1 grunting) and Swamp Sparrow (2 silent)
And from place to place-- occasional encounters with N. Rough-winged Swallows and singing Brown Thrashers.

Rodger RangFort Wayne
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