Date: 4/17/17 12:49 pm
From: Sue Hannon <sbhannon...>
Subject: Dauphin Co, Steelton, Osprey return to utility pole nest
The Steelton osprey have returned to their utility pole nest, about 2 weeks
later than usual. I don't live close enough to monitor the nest on a
regular basis anymore, but it seems they have been back in town for about
10 days, and on my driveby today it looks like the female is already
incubating. Another pair may be starting construction on the 12th pole
upriver from the existing nest. A 3rd adult osprey was perched there when I
drove by this morning, and again 45 minutes later when I returned.

A pair began construction on a utility pole last year, but the pole they
selected was shaped differently from the one that the resident pair has
been using for several years, and the nest didn't go anywhere. However, the
2nd pair apparently did nest successfully and fledge a pair of youngsters,
as I was able to observe 8 osprey (including 4 adults, 2 fledged young and
2 unfledged young) in the space of half a mile one morning in late July
last year. If the 2nd pair from last year is using the same nest as they
did last year, the new construction could be a 3rd pair. It will be
interesting to watch and see how many osprey are hanging around in Steelton
later this summer!

Sue Hannon
Dauphin County, PA
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