Date: 4/17/17 9:18 am
From: Jeff Timmons <jeffreytimmons...>
Subject: RE: [IN-BIRD-L] GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW, Indianapolis Private residence, 4/16
The sparrow is showing well today making appearances at least every 30 minutes. It does only stay around for a few minutes. Last seen shortly before noon. Good luck and please provide updates for others that are traveling.

Jeff Timmons
Anderson, IN

On April 16, 2017 8:36:17 PM EDT, Jeff Timmons <jeffreytimmons...> wrote:
>Tanner has agreed to allow visitors tomorrow. Here are the rules that
>has stipulated. There is some parking in the drive but not a lot. You
>park in the drive but you are not allowed to block the main drive from
>garage to the road. If there is no parking in the drive available you
>have to park down the road on a side street. The main road seems to be
>narrow and busy. He needs to be able to get in and out. After parking
>to the left (east) side of garage and go behind it. There is a block
>that people can stand in and look for the sparrow in surrounding
>There is a lot of habitat. The bird is coming to the feeder on the
>side of the house and goes into the thick vine just to the left of the
>feeder on the property line. Please take him a bag of bird food for
>courtesy of allowing visitors.
>Bird was seen roughly around 5:15 or so and then not again until 7pm.
>2025 E 80th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240
>Good luck and be sure to provide updates for others.
>Jeff Timmons
>Anderson, IN
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>Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW, Indianapolis Private
>A GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW was scene this evening at a private residence
>Indianapolis. First reported by Annie Aguirre and Tanner Troyer. See
>"INDIANA RARE BIRD ALERT" Facebook group for details, address is in the
>comments of the main post. Seen as late as 7pm by a handful of birder,
>only for a few minutes and then disappeared.
>Matt Beatty
>Valparaiso, IN
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