Date: 4/16/17 8:26 pm
From: Bob Friedrichs <bird.fried...>
Subject: [texbirds] Matagorda County Shorebird Report
MatCo inland, mainly turf and rice field, shorebird report from the weekend:

- *Black-bellied Plover*: Seems to be a recent push of birds with dozens on
several turf farms. At least a couple of birds in each group sporting
bright breeding plumage.

- *American-Golden Plovers*: Just a few today at S Citrus Rd Turf Farm.
Most have gone through it seems.

- *Lesser Yellowlegs*: A couple of hundred at rice fields (north of Van
Vleck on Savage Rd and south of Bay City on Hwy 60) with standing water.
Many of the birds visible only when they would peek above the rice
plants. Also some flyover flocks containing dozens of birds. Very few

*- Solitary Sandpiper*: 2 in the wet ditch at Triangle Turf Farm north of
Wadsworth*. *Another at the rice field north of Van Vleck and yet another
solitary Solitary at Formosa Tejano Wetlands next door in Jackson County.

- *Upland Sandpiper*: Lots in many locations and various habitats, though
the birds seem to be less vocal than normal.

*- Whimbrel: *Yesterday, 3 in the rice field north of Van Vleck

*- Pectoral Sandpiper*: Still strong numbers. In 3 locations; the rice
field north of Van Vleck and at 2 turf farms with puddles of water

*- White-rumped Sandpiper*: My FOS and flagged as early by eBird. 4 birds
this afternoon in a puddle with Pecs and Least Sandpipers at Saha Turf Farm
on Bieri Rd. The birds appear to have just arrived, alternating between
feeding, bathing and napping.

*- Baird's Sandpiper*: A single bird at Saha Turf Farm on Bieri Rd.

*- Buff-breasted Sandpiper*: Starting to trickle through. Yesterday, 25
birds in a fringe area at Billy Mayfield Turf Farm near Wadsworth and 8 in
a stubble field north of Van Vleck with 30+ Upland Sanpipers. Today, there
were 3 at S Citrus Rd Turf Farm. Expect numbers to greatly increase at
turf farms and other appropriate habitat in coming weeks.

There were a smattering of other shorebird species scattered around
thecounty though with nothing of significance to report.

Thanks and good birding to all!
Bob Friedrichs

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