Date: 4/16/17 5:23 pm
Subject: Out of area ID help
Mary and I extended a short business trip to Texas last weekend for four days of birding on the upper Texas coast at Anahuac NWR, High Island, Bolivar Peninsula and Sabine Woods. While migration was really slow, we did manage two lifers with Swainson’s and Prothonotary warblers at High Island. The third possible lifer was a plover over 100 yards away among huge numbers of other shorebirds in rice fields near Anahuac NWR; quite a sight actually. The attached photos are pretty poor highly cropped digi-scope pics taken in good light but high wind even for a tripod. I thought the plover with the greater yellowlegs was a Mountain Plover. This is a possible but very rare species on the TX upper coast. I showed the pic to a guide I ran into at High Island and he said it was an American Golden Plover. While the strong white supercilium makes sense for a golden the cleaner breast and belly does not. I have not seen a lot of goldens and never a mountain so I am far from confidant. Any opinions from any of you out there with more experience with these species.
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