Date: 4/16/17 3:40 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Backyard Chipping Sparrow
It's odd. Just when I watched the Blazers lose today, I was thinking about
a few years ago I had a Chipping Sparrow in my yard about now. Chipping
Sparrows are decidedly uncommon here around Salem, they do seem to nest at
Western Mennonite School (West Salem), and then at higher elevation
Cascades on rather dry slopes, sparse if at all in the coast range here (N
Benton, Polk, Lincoln, Tillamook, Yamhill). I can find them in winter
around the edges of filbert orchards with Juncos, Chickadees, some other
Sparrows, dumbass Jays, Thrushes, these are robust food areas. I do not
know if there are places where Chipping Sparrow is common in the N-C
Willamette Valley.

It was odd that soon after that I looked out my window and saw a pretty
CHIPPING SPARROW where I feed birds. With about 4 White-crowned and a
Golden-crowned Sparrow

In related news, if you knew my sorrow weeks ago when I saw a feral cat
catch the female Downy Woodpecker of the pair coming regular to my feeder,
I flipped off the cat (which I've never done before or since and neither
have you), now today I saw the male DOWO with a new female at the suet
feeder. Love is in the air. Happy Easter

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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