Date: 4/16/17 8:45 am
From: John Ennis (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Olive-sided Flycatcher
I had the distinct honor and enjoyment of listening to an Olive-sided Flycatcher this morning. Yep, 15+ minutes of "quick three beers"!

Never saw it...probably because I was too close and it was very high in the tree...could not back up because I was sitting on the guard rail for bridge over Town Creek on Rock Creek Road...I can envision me going over backwards into the drink...holding the camera above my head while dog paddling to shore...

I may have a bit of recording and will post if it turns out...I think I also captured a Prothonotary and Cardinal singing backup...

Today was the first day this year I've enjoyed a full dawn chorus...GC Flycatchers everywhere and a Barred Owl joined in over Rices Creek...

John Ennis
Leland, NC

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