Date: 4/16/17 8:30 am
From: Arun Bose <arun1bose...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Prairie Falcon, Alexandria, 04-16-17
Hello Birders,
Firstly thanks for all the postings and updates, these have been very helpful.

I arrived at the power plant at about 6:20 this morning. From the railroad tracks I checked the I-beam structures on the west side, but did not see the bird. Moving to the riverside trail I set up and waited. Around 6:40am the falcon flew in (from another spot in the power plant?) and perched on east side of the east tank . For the next 30 or so minutes it remained perched there. It left the spot at about 7:10am, presumably to hunt, headed south then to north west.

Arun Bose
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