Date: 4/15/17 3:08 pm
From: DeeAnne M <deeanne.mel...>
Subject: [GABO-L] FOTS (for me) Louisiana Waterthrushes, and other Sweetwater Creek State Park
Sweetwater Creek State Park 7:40 am-12:40 pm

American goldfinch
White-breasted nuthatch
Chipping sparrow
Northern cardinal
Brown-headed cowbird
Eastern phoebe- found a nest with 4 eggs!
Yellow-rumped warbler
Brown-headed nuthatch
Red-eyed vireo
Carolina wren
Red-bellied woodpecker
American robin
Mourning dove
Hooded warbler
Wood thrush
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Blue jay- one seen with nesting material
Pileated woodpecker
Northern parula
Lousiana waterthrush- 3
Northern rough-winged swallow- 3
Scarlet tanager
Carolina chickadee
Tufted titmouse

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