Date: 4/15/17 1:34 pm
From: Sue Hannon <sbhannon...>
Subject: Dauphin Co, Harrisburg Peregrine Falcons
The resident pair of peregrine falcons at the downtown Rachel Carson
Building are incubating 3 eggs and should see hatching begin soon. A fourth
egg failed and was rejected from the scrape early in the incubation phase.
Eggs were laid on March 8, 10, 12, and 15. I am not certain the exact date
full time incubation began. Severe cold weather and several heavy
snowstorms during the egg-laying process caused the falcons to cover the
eggs more than they otherwise might have before all eggs were laid; and due
to my father's death, I was not watching the cam during this period. My
best guess is that full time incubation began during the snowstorm on March
14, so we could expect a first hatch on Monday, April 17. Tune in to the PA
Falcon Cam at
to watch the action unfold.

*Save the dates!! *Assuming we have hatching around April 17, we can expect
chicks to fledge around May 25-June 1. We can always use more volunteers
for Falcon Watch during fledging. If you are interested in participating
in this year's Falcon Watch, please let me know, and please keep a few
dates open during the anticipated fledging period!
Sue Hannon
Dauphin County, PA
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