Date: 4/15/17 12:23 pm
From: Marc Ribaudo <moribaudo...>
Subject: [Va-bird] 10 warbler morning, Prince William Co.
Kurt Gaskill and I birded several sites in eastern Prince William County this morning, including Breckinridge Rd, Leesylvania SP, Metz Wetlands, Occoquan Bay NWR, and Belmont Marina. We tallied 86 species. We did not find whip-poor-wills this morning at Breckinridge Rd, but had FOS ovenbird and hooded warbler (fantastic views), as well as pine and black-and-white warblers, purple finch, red-breasted nuthatch, both kinglets, hermit thrush, and blue-headed vireo. Leeyslvania had tons of yellow-rumped warblers, as well as parula, yellow-throated, and prothonotary warblers. The prothonotary was at the Confederate Battery rather than its usual spot at the boardwalk. Also at Leesyvlania were winter wren, blue grosbeak, and ruddy duck. The Blackburn Rd side of Metz had 26 greater yellowlegs, 6 snipe and a Bonaparte’s gull. A quick visit to Occoquan added prairie warbler, common yellowthroat, and white-eyed vireo. We also had a singing house wren along Blackburn Rd on the way to Occoquan. We picked up some lingering waterfowl at Belmont Marina, including red-breasted merganser, bufflehead, lesser scaup, gadwall, and pied-billed grebe.

Marc Ribaudo
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