Date: 4/15/17 11:57 am
From: Jesse Laney <jessealaney...>
Subject: [obol] OSU Bird Nerds 2017 Birdathon - MAY 6

The Oregon State University Bird Nerds will be hosting our second annual
Birdathon on Saturday May 6, 2017. Join the competition to see the most
species of birds in a 24 hour period while raising money for our club and
for charity! 25% of funds raised will be presented to the Oregon Coast
Aquarium to help support their conservation and education programs. The
rest will go toward providing OSU Bird Nerds trips and events in the
future. Win bird-related prizes. The team with the most species detected
will receive free tickets to the Oregon Coast Aquarium!


Teams— Teams will be 3 people and can include anyone (students, professors,
professionals, or just general birders in the area). We will have two
subgroups for the competition: groups using vehicles and groups sticking to

Acquisition of Sponsors— Each team will be responsible for finding their
own sponsor(s). Sponsors can be anyone willing to give—small business,
friends, family, etc. We encourage sponsors to pledge on a per-species
basis, as this is the most fun and brings out competition! Suggested
per-species pledge is 50 cents to 1 dollar. We will have to give an
estimate of how many birds any given group might see. For those sponsors
unwilling to gamble with their pledge, lump sum donations are acceptable.
Teams must have at least one per-bird sponsor or at least $20 in lump sums
pledged in order to participate. Please let your sponsors know that your
group expects to possibly see up to 150 (vehicle group) or 100 (foot/biking
group) species over the day, but it may be less than that.

Arena— This event is not limited to a geographic location. Teams can count
birds anywhere! If you reside beyond the bounds of Oregon, or are traveling
but still want to participate in the Birdathon we’d love to have you!
Non-vehicle groups are only restricted by how far they can travel on
foot/bike and can start anywhere, so long as they do not use a car during
the 24 hour period.

Scoring— Groups will need to record their sightings to eBird, or between
12 AM Saturday May 6 and 12 AM Sunday May 7. At least two of the three
group members must detect the bird for it to count. As with all
competitive birding, we abide by the honor system.

After Party— Join us for Breakfast Sunday, May 7 for an event celebration,
announcement of winners, and general camaraderie! Location TBA.


To enter, please email Andrew Stokes (<stokeand...>) the names
of your three participants, which group you will be in (vehicle or
walk/bike), the name(s) of your sponsors, and pledged amount(s) by 5PM May

Thanks and good birding!

- Jesse A. Laney
Vice President, OSU Bird Nerds


OSU Bird Nerds is a student run ornithological club at OSU. Our mission is
to provide OSU students with an opportunity to learn more about the amazing
world of birds through bird-related activities, résumé-building
experiences, speakers from the ornithological community, species
identification workshops, and field trips and to share the knowledge gained
from these activities with the community through volunteer, education, and
conservation involvement.

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