Date: 4/15/17 10:26 am
From: David Hanson <davidhanson1952...>
Subject: [texbirds] Possible California Gull
Ok, all you Gull "experts" out there, I need some help with this bird. On
Sunday during FeatherFest one of our trips spotted a California Gull on the
Texas City Dike. It was a young bird as of now I am not sure what cycle it
was in. The trip leader tells me the bird they saw was further along in in
cycle than this bird so if this is a California Gull there are possibly two
of them. I am certainly not a gull expert so any help would be appreciated.
I put this in ebird so I will need to remove it if my ID is incorrect.
Check out the link below.

David Hanson
FeatherFest 2017 Birding Program Leader
281-303-0166 hm
281-813-2657 cell

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