Date: 4/15/17 10:21 am
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Clarion County- Yellow-throated warbler - Lawsonham / Redbank Valley Trail
Yesterday I was lucky to be off and made a bike trip along the Redbank
Valley Trail at Lawsonham and headed east towards Climax. Also up the one
mile that is completed on the Sligo Spur. For those of you that visit
Clarion Co. and have enjoyed birding at Sarah Furnace, I can't recommend
this area highly enough as an alternative birding site. Sarah Furnace
continues to be on the back burner as far as trail improvement until the
tunnel is complete, and so parking and use by other folks there is always a
problem. In contrast, this trail is in excellent shape, has a portable
toilet at the parking area, and while along Redbank Creek and not the
larger river, holds similar habitat as well as more northern habitat
features as well, that should hold different breeders. I will be spending
a good bit of time around here this year since starting biking and will
continue to post what I find.

Yesterday, on the Sligo spur I was immediately greeted with a singing
yellow-throated warbler high in a sycamore along Wildcat Run which enters
Redbank Creek at this site. I also had my FOY blue-gray gnatcatcher and
blue-headed vireos up the Sligo spur which parallels Wildcat Run and should
certainly have them as breeders as well as Louisiana waterthrush, though I
came up empty there yesterday. Along the main trail east from Lawsonham I
traveled three miles to the first tunnel, which isn't large, then through
to a beautiful picnic shelter area, with portable toilet and also a camping
area with lean-to. There are several swift streams that empty into the
creek along this stretch of trail and held Louisiana waterthrush last year.
Cerulean warblers, yellow-throated vireos and worm-eating warblers were
here last year along the creek. The trail is mostly level all the way to
Climax and beyond,and well taken care of for walking or biking either one,
crushed limestone. If you make the 11 miles to Climax you can climb the
short hill and see the eagle nest as well. From Lawsonham down west to the
Allegheny and the Armstrong Trail is just as beautiful and the trail in
good shape, approximately 5 miles.

Happy spring birding !

Carole Winslow
Sligo, Clarion Co.
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