Date: 4/14/17 7:58 pm
From: John Sullivan <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender Oropendolas for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Re: Fork-tailed Storm-petrel under Newport bridge?
Hello Jen and All,

Joshua Little, Roger Robb and I had 8-10 FORK-TAILED STORM PETRELS close to shore at Boiler Bay and 1 in the slightly calmer waters of Depoe Bay around noon today. These were the first Storm Petrel I've ever seen from shore, but have heard accounts of them blow into estuaries during storms, and even as far inland as Fern Ridge Reservoir near Eugene! The number of birds near shore and strong SW winds today seems like the right combination to push a bird to where you found one today. Nice find! I can imagine the excitement! I know we enjoyed watching the Boiler Bay birds today!

Good Birding,

John Sullivan
Springfield, OR

Subject: Fork-tailed Storm-petrel under Newport bridge?
Date: Fri Apr 14 2017 19:50 pm
From: jennifer.a.rothe AT

Hello OBOLers,

My co-workers and I were driving west on the jetty road to do a bit of birding before heading home when I spotted a small bird flying near the bridge pilings looked a hell of a lot like a FTSP. This struck me as odd, so I yelled at the driver to stop the vehicle. We all piled out to observe and-no doubt about it- FTSP more or less underneath the Newport bridge (at one point in the same narrow scope view as a White-winged Scoter, which might have been a first for me). The bird spent most of its time at the water's surface, with wings out, doing a fair bit of its classical pitter-pattering foraging style.

I've observed Storm-petrels a number of times from various locations on-shore, but I've never before encountered them in between the jetties... Much less almost directly under the bridge!

My question to the many OBOLers with many more years of experience than me out here is this: how commonly have you had Storm-petrels in relatively sheltered waters? Any and all insights most welcome.


Jen Rothe
Corvallis/ Yachats

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