Date: 4/14/17 7:37 pm
From: Wayne Hoffman <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Fwd: Broughton Beach dead floating bird question, Cliff Swallows nesting Sea Scout Base
Okay - 

I'll start (see if I can embarrass myself). 

The first thing is to correctly identify the parts.  This sounds obvious, but there is an issue here.

the tail and wings are obvious.  The convex shape and pattern of overlap of the wing feathers shows they are the upper side.  Therefore the area between the wings and down to the tail has to be the back.

Now the issue:  What is that strange blob at the front?  It is located where we would expect the head but is not shaped like a head.  I think it is a flap of skin with a tract of body feathers still attached.  The back area between the wings looks sort of featherless, but I cannot really tell on my monitor.  Possibly the blob is back feathers and skin pulled loose from the "shoulder" region?

Therefore the head is likely missing or hanging straight down out of sight.

Okay, now what?  the tail shape, sing shape, and wing pattern all tell me "diving duck."  The white in the wings extending into the primaries looks good for Greater Scaup.  The back appears way to dark for an adult drake, so maybe a hen?  the overall color does not look brown enough, but on my monitor the photo looks semi-monotone so I do not trust my perceptions of shade or tint in the dark parts.

The white in the wing also looks pretty good for Tufted Duck, but I hesitate to call it that based on these photos.

Hope this helps.

On 4/14/2017 7:06:05 PM, Bonnie Comegys <blcomegys...> wrote:

Subject: Broughton Beach dead floating bird question, Cliff Swallows nesting Sea Scout Base

This morning at Broughton Beach noticed a gull picking at a dead floating bird near shore, took a couple photos, wondered if could be possible to id.  have not seen the Red Throated Loon with the broken off lower mandible last couple visits, and last time saw it was taking much shorter dives than usually see loons doing. There were a few Cliff Swallows about, and found they are nesting at Sea Scout Base. Photos at this link, coyote was seen on Wed. visit []

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