Date: 4/14/17 3:49 pm
From: Suzanne Sullivan <swampy435...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] DCR questionnaire
Hello Massbirders,

Here is a link to share your DCR story. It might be important to let DCR
know if there are any problems where you bird. I shared the story about
Sandy Point and the problems there, although better last year than other
years. This is important habitat for Piping Plovers and Least Terns and it
is constantly being degraded by partying boaters with their dogs ( have to
go to the bathroom somewhere right?), the dunes are barely even there any
more. So if you want to share concerns also about Sandy Point, or anywhere
else to make any positive changes, or keep good situations ongoing, here is
the link.

Suzanne M. Sullivan
Wilmington, MA

"The self evident vision of who we are as a free and caring nation, and the
ideal to fulfill this destiny is stronger than the division of those who's
only vision is of themselves. “ SMB

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