Date: 4/14/17 1:13 pm
From: Phil Davis <pdavis...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Maryland Trumpeter Swan records and status
Hi Marcy, et al.

Anyone can see the status of Maryland Trumpeter Swan records and
reports submitted to the MD/DC Records Committee by pulling up the
committee's abridged database on the MD/DCRC web page at the following URL ...

Note that this is a large PDF document (don't print!). You can do a
search/find for any species of interest; however, the Trumpeter Swan
reports start on page 9. The legend is on the first page.

This document includes reports and records of Trumpeter Swans up
until the time that the committee removed this taxon from the MD
Review List (March 2016).

Many of the "Not Accepted" reports are (1) from an inability to
eliminate hybrid "Trumpling Swans" that were either stocked in
Maryland or were flown through Maryland (and remained) as a part of
the ultra light migration experiments, or (2) an inability to
associate some of the earlier Maryland birds with specific
northeastern reintroduction program populations that were considered
to have become "established." (Clear as mud, eh?)

Hope this helps ...


At 03:19 PM 04/14/2017, 'Marcy Stutzman' via Maryland & DC Birding wrote:
>Although there are no records in eBird, there was a family of
>Trumpeter Swans over a period of years in Kent County mostly
>observed by a private family. You'd have to get more details from
>the Kent County gurus on the specifics (e.g., the possibility of
>Trumpeters nesting in MD)

Phil Davis, Secretary
MD/DC Records Committee
2549 Vale Court
Davidsonville, Maryland 21035 USA

MD/DCRC Web site:

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