Date: 4/14/17 9:22 am
From: Jeff Parks <lastimout...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Raptor identification
Hi again -

Thanks to everyone that responded. The consensus is that this is a
juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, which I considered at one point, but wasn't sure
about due to my initial observations. When I first saw it, it looked
smaller than the other Red-Tails I had been watching a short time earlier,
and it didn't have any red coloring in the tail. Also, it didn't have the
tail fanned out when flying, looking more like a falcon at first. I
watched it sitting in the tree for a few minutes, and the white spots on
the back made me think Red-Tail, but the tail feathers looked different
than what I thought they should be for this species. These darn juveniles
always give me problems! I know that there is a Harlan's hawk that
frequents the north side of Walden, perhaps this one is an offspring.

Anyway, mystery solved. I obviously need to spend more time studying these
birds, there is so much variation in the Red-Tails that it drives me nuts!

Happy birding -

Jeff Parks

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