Date: 4/13/17 8:23 pm
From: Todd Kiraly <tkiraly...>
Subject: [Va-bird] [Va-Bird] Alexandria/Prairie Falcon may have picked up a fishing line on tail feathers
After reviewing some quick snaps of the Falcon, that glided into the Generating Station at about 6:35 and giving only about 10 seconds of viewing, on my computer I have noticed that there is something trailing away from the end of its tail feathers but “connected” to the Falcon. Poor pictures shot into sunsetting light does not allow for much detail but the trailing shape appear to be in all the photos. Below are links to 2 of the “best” shots and show the Falcon in two different locations in the air with the object staying roughly in the exact same place from the end of the tail. If I had to guess, it may have picked up some fishing line and may be trailing a fishing plug or some debris/feather. It may be just a feather that has a strand hanging on to the tail. Thought I would offer up this observation in case others get a better view in better lighting if seen in the future. There are lost lures up in the trees along the banks of the river here. <> <>

Todd K
Arlington VA

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