Date: 4/13/17 7:14 pm
From: M Howell (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Merlin Goldsboro NC
Our rural area hosts American Kestrel every fall and spring. If the Kestrel is still here when the Purple Martens return, they bomb and harass her to send her on her way elsewhere. I was surprised to look up today and see a bird about dove size perched on a limb. It was obviously not a dove and handy binoculars confirmed that it was also not a Kestrel. My first Merlin yard bird at this address. I watched until it flew out and then back into the original tree. This time, it perched in hiding, blending well with just budding leaves. The long tail gave it away so that I could keep an eye on it without binoculars. Starlings, House Finches, Bluebirds, Cardinals, RWBlackbirds, Mockingbirds, Sparrows, and more lived dangerously during the hour that the Merlin sat still - and in the sun. Then it flew out again and landed in a shady area. I lost it on that flight and could not relocate it.

Mae Howell
Goldsboro NC

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