Date: 4/13/17 7:02 pm
From: Brush Freeman <brushfreeman...>
Subject: [texbirds] White-eyed Vireo migration etc.
Had a WEVI in Cedar Park at the house there high in the Live Oaks.
Seemingly would not be so odd, but there is zero breeding habitat
(understory) for them anywhere close and it is the first I have seen here
and Diane says it is a new yard bird. It sang but sounded so off from our
Cen-Tex birds. I can only suspect that it was a northern bound bird as all
of the Cen-Tex birds are well into breeding and sound "normal".

A Red-breasted continues amazingly on a private property in Travis Co.

Last eve at dusk one of the Barred Owls landed on the top of our backyard
power pole....It was being dive-bombed by a Cooper's Hawk that had a nest a
couple of yards over


Brush Freeman
Utley & Cedar Park, Texas

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