Date: 4/13/17 10:55 am
From: Scott O'Donnell <scott...>
Subject: [obol] Coast Photos and More
Hello OBOLers,

Each year I spend Feb. and Mar. on the Oregon Coast. Since my job
depends on the rivers to be somewhat below flood stage, I got to do
quite a bit of birding. I've put together a photo album from the trip:

As is always the case, I returned home (Wallowa County) to a vastly
different yard bird scene. All that's left of the Junco Hoard (I
estimated that I, and my wife after I left, entertained over 500 juncos
for the winter) is a single pair. There's forty or fifty Am. Goldfinches
camping out, which is by far the most we've had here since we moved in
three years ago. The Rufous Hummers have showed up, and a pair of
Lincoln's Sparrows are new yard birds for us. There's a Great-Horned Owl
nest, with a setting female, that is visible from our deck. I've got my
Celestron telescope trained on it, very excited about that. There's a
nesting pair of Red-Tailed Hawks right at the edge of our tiny town of
Troy (a stones throw away from here). There's a pair of Osprey trying to
build a nest on the foot bridge, although I suspect they'll give up on
that (it's not the first time they've tried), and there's an active Bald
Eagle nest just a couple of miles downstream (Grande Ronde River).

Also, my wife and I took our first bird trip to Belize in January. In
nine days we identified 158 species with the help of some extraordinary
bird guides. Eighty-five percent of them were life birds. I have two
albums from that trip:

Scott O'Donnell
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