Date: 4/12/17 2:54 pm
From: linda phelan thompson <lindaphelanlmt...>
Subject: [obol] help?
As I was leaving the office for a late lunch, I heard a trilling bird. I
stopped and looked up, and located it on a branch. I only had my eyes, but
it looked round bodied, had an erect stance, and a long slim tail. The body
is buff colored, and it kept repeating a single long trill, repeatedly.
Could anyone estimate what this may have been?

As a plus, as I was looking up, I spotted a pair of circling Red Tail
Hawks. There used to be a pair that nested very nearby, before some housing
construction. I think I'll go see if they've returned to their old haunts,
now that things have settled down.

This was next to 217, near Greenburg Rd., close to Washington Square.
Linda, Tigard


*Linda Lee*

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