Date: 4/12/17 2:45 pm
From: Linda <tattler1...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Apr 12, 2017
Unusually pleasant early April morning. Some nice birds though some
were conspicuously absent including both Kinglets and Hermit Thrush
(since they have been report both there and multiple other places
recently). Special thanks to Brooke Stevens for her sharp eyes locating
the owl and chasing down the singing Pine Warbler.

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Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Middlesex, Massachusetts, US
Apr 12, 2017 6:30 AM - 8:15 AM
Protocol: Traveling
1.0 mile(s)
Comments: 15 people joined Larry O'Bryan and I on the BBC's 'opening day' trip at Mt Auburn Cemetery. It was clear, 55 degrees and no gloves were needed!
22 species

Mallard 1
Double-crested Cormorant 5
Red-tailed Hawk 1
Mourning Dove 6
Great Horned Owl 1
Red-bellied Woodpecker 3
Downy Woodpecker 2
Northern Flicker 2
Eastern Phoebe 2
Blue Jay 8
Tufted Titmouse 2
American Robin 50
Pine Warbler 2
Chipping Sparrow 8
Dark-eyed Junco 6
White-throated Sparrow 4
Song Sparrow 4
Northern Cardinal 7
Common Grackle 20
Brown-headed Cowbird 3
American Goldfinch 9
House Sparrow 2

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-- Linda Ferraresso Salem, MA tattler1(at)comcast(dot)net "Faith is the
bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark" - Tagore

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