Date: 4/12/17 2:23 pm
From: Marcia <mimz607...>
Subject: [obol] Bird ID Question Other Yard Birds
Greetings all,

Bird ID Question: I have seen and heard these brown stripey seed eaters singing VERY LOUDLY . At first I thought it was a female house finch warbling away, but I didn’t think that females sang? It also had a very light tan eyestripe. Can anyone shed some light for me? I’ve looked through my books, want online to listen to their songs and nothing “sang’ true.

Had our first Evening Grosbeaks on Friday, April 9.
Black-throated gray warbler this morning.
Wild turkeys gobbling this morning too.
Wood ducks nesting in two of our three boxes.
Also…on another note….I have witnessed bewick’s wrens, turkey vultures and red-shouldered hawks mating! They say that timing is everything….

Marcia in North Eugene

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