Date: 4/12/17 10:08 am
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Mammals vs. Birds, the other way around
This happened next door to my nephew's very-urban San Jose CA front yard
last week. Bob OBrien (some of the images are short videos, some jpgs).

So this morning I looked out our front window and saw a bird commotion on
our neighbors' front lawn. I initially saw a scrub jay versus some towhees
on the lawn. It looked like the jay had a towhee pinned down. But after
watching the movement, it didn't seem like a towhee. I got our binoculars
and took a look and discovered that the jay was trying to pin down a bat.
The bat was on it's back and kept fending off the jay. The towhees seemed
to be fighting for rights to the bat. The jay finally seemed to be pinning
it down for the kill? Eventually the birds lost interest and left the bat
to it's own fate.

At this point I called my personal bat expert Dan Neal and asked him about
how to handle what I thought was a dead bat. I went out to check it out
and take pictures of what Dan identified as a hoary bat. I saw it
shivering and Dan said this was it trying to warm up to take off. I
consulted Dan on how to help it and took care of some pressing issues while
talking to him. I went back out as the sun was getting near where it was
lying and it was gone. Apparently warmed up enough to take off. Hooray!

I guess the birds booted it out if a resting spot from the previous evening
and had no mercy.

Unfortunately the videos are fairly shaky. There should be an animated GIF
which does a good job of illustrating the jay's fight with it.

First for us and and a pretty cool show with a happy ending.


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