Date: 4/12/17 5:45 am
From: Rob O'Connell <flashart123...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] What a difference a week makes.
Came home(Cumberland) after a week and a half on the road (where I was able
to pick up a few lifers like the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker), reading all the
reports and was happy to find a thick carpet of Dark-Eyed Juncos covering
the ground along with a Chipping Sparrow and a Song Sparrow. A Pine
Warbler and a Ruby Crowned Kinglet were out in the low branches and leaf
litter just off the edge of the lawn. A pair of Eastern Phoebes was on
point on the structure out back where they commonly nest. American Robins
here as well which usually nest under the back porch. Can't wait to see
what else the day brings.

I did also find my feeder station ravaged. One of the feeders was pulled
down and 2 of my suet feeders which were chained in place are down with one
of them missing. My bird bath was tipped over as well. Need to identify the
possible suspect. I know a bear has been hinted at for this area but not
ever seen one. But with the squirrel baffle and the fact that the feeders
in question were 8 feet off the ground lead me towards a large critter.


Rob O'Connell

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