Date: 4/11/17 8:13 pm
From: Shawn Collins <pabirder1974...>
Subject: Migrants/Rails/etc Crawford County
I tried for the King Rail a few times, and did not locate the bird. I
tried during afternoon hours, evening, and I also went during the night.
My finds at Conneaut Marsh were

Virginia Rails ( numerous birds)
Sora ( only 2)
Common Gallinule ( 1 bird calling, kinda early)
numerous Swamp Sparrows
numerous Tree Swallows
2 Eastern Phoebes
1 Wilsons Snipe
4 Northern Shoverlers
2 Brown Creepers
Rusty Blackbirds ( a handful)
2 Barred Owls
plus the norm

The bird movement on my property has picked up. I've had a lot come and
go...but many birds are lingering and setting up house.

Some Birds on my property, I'm sure the numbers are larger..but..

2 Eastern Towhees
2 Eastern Phoebees ( building nest under my back porch)
Black Capped Chickadees nesting in my one bird box
10 plus Dark Eyed Juncos
5 plus Am Tree Sparrows
2 Red Breasted Nuthatches ( I hope they stay for the summer, but I know
this pair will be leaving soon. Every morning I hang/fill my feeders both
meet me for seed from my hand. I posted a video on FB of them doing this)
1 Brown Creeper
1 Yellow Bellied Sapsucker ( been here all winter, enjoys Bark Butter)
3 Eastern Bluebirds ( I've collected a few House Sparrows in my
trap..hoping the Bluebirds go back to the box)
5 Rusty Blackbirds
3 Red Wing Blackbirds
Golden Crowned Kinglets ( a handful)
9 Purple Finches ( a nice size flock visitng feeders daily)
I have so many Goldfinches I wont count them or House Finches
2 Chipping Sparrows
2 Pileated Woodpeckers
1 Carolina Wren
2 Song Sparrows
Plus the normal visitors.

My yard has a lot of native wild flowers. Trout Lily is everywhere and
growing throughout my lawn, flower beds, hillside, etc. My Trillium hasn't
bloomed yet, I also have some Dutchman Breaches, and a lot more. I've been
IDIng them w/ help of some of my good friends who know a lot about flowers.

Photos of some of the birds

Good Birding
Shawn Collins
Crawford County
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