Date: 4/11/17 2:47 pm
From: Jack Chiles <chilesjack...>
Subject: [texbirds] Tuesday morning bird census, Hagerman NWR.
The lake has receded enough that mudflats are once again appearing, making better shorebird habitat. There were many shorebirds today but while we were trying to survey them they were moving around a lot and a flyby Bald Eagle did not help matters. It was a situation where a person could have set up a spotting scope and spent several hours surveying them. Also many of the shorebirds were very far from the road making matters more difficult. We covered about half the area today and ran out of time or the count would have been better. It was very windy and cloudy early on but as the day progressed things improved. We identified 15 species of shorebirds and we did see one Black-necked Stilt. There were 75 Franklin's Gull sitting off the end of Plover with very nice pink undersides. We only found one specie of warbler and that was two Northern Parulas singing at the end of the road to Meadow Pond near the creek. There were also Pileated Woodpeckers drumming at that location. We s
aw wood Ducks at Meadow Pond, Deaver Pond and Dead Woman Pond.
Quite a few American White Pelicans were scattered around at different places. We finished the morning with 75 species.
Jack Chiles, Texas master naturalist and volunteer, Hagerman NWR.
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