Date: 4/11/17 8:22 am
From: Cindy Alley <alleycomm...>
Subject: Bird call?
I went for a delightful walk today through Thompson Woods and back up through city streets surrounded by bird calls. There was one in the woods I was sure I should know but could not place. I had not brought binoculars (yes I know that was dumb) and never spotted him. But the call was two very clear notes that sounded like “hurry-gurdy-gurdy-gurdy” if you say it about as fast as you can clearly pronounce the syllables and as though you were making it into a question (second syllable higher than the first). Almost always with three “gurdies” but occasionally only one, and a slight emphasis on the first note. I am not sure which bird to even start with to listen to sounds to see if that was it. But I am almost sure if I figure it out I will say, “Oh, of course!” so my challenge is – can anyone help me? -Cindy Alley

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