Date: 4/11/17 8:16 am
From: Keith Arnold <kbarnold2...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Confirmed nestings
At this time, please submit *any* confirmed nestings, other than thr common
species such as House Sparrow, European Starling, Northern Mockingbird,
Northern Cardinal, etc. Even some of those may be useful, once we can look
more closely at the Atlas data. Basically, if you are not certain about a
nesting of a particular species, send us the data!

If you have multiple reports to send and are familiar with Excel, you may
wish to send them as an attachment in the following format:
Common name, confirmation code, date confirmed, county, location, G, PS
coordinates [but don't worry about this as we can use the location], and
any remarks you may wish to add such outcome [successful or not] or unusual
placement of the nest.

I guess I should make this "public" on Texbirds.

Keith Arnold

On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 9:39 AM, Charles Smith <csmith9376...>

> For a given species, can I find if there has been confirmed nesting near
> my latilong, more accurately than the statewide map on the website?
> Charles
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> *From:* Keith Arnold <kbarnold2...>
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> *To:* Charles Smith
> *Subject:* Re: [texbirds] Confirmed nestings
> Charles,
> The data are given by species. In hindsight, having them available by
> latilong would certainly be helpful.
> Keith
> On Apr 10, 2017 8:16 PM, "Charles Smith" <csmith9376...> wrote:
>> Is the data for a particular quadrangle available on line?
>> Charles Smith
>> Tyler Country
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>> *Subject:* [texbirds] Confirmed nestings
>> All -
>> It's been a few years since the 5-years Texas Breeding Bird Atlas project.
>> To compliment that effort, we are establishing a new data base of
>> *confirmed* nestings. Since we don't want to be inundated with too many
>> reports of the more common species, we ask that you respond with those
>> species which are less common or with nests that are difficult to locate.
>> However, if your county does not show a nesting record in Oberholser's
>> BLOT or if no confirmed nesting is shown in the TBBA maps for the latilong
>> in which you live for a common species, then that would be welcome.
>> The confirmed categories as used in the TBBA are: NB - nest building; DD -
>> distraction display; PE - physiological evidence [only available for bird
>> banders]; UN - used nest [good for species such as swallows]; FY - adult
>> feeding young; FL - *recently* fledged young; ON - adult entering or
>> leaving nest site; FS - adult with fecal sac; NE - nest with eggs; NY -
>> nest with young.
>> Entries should include a specific location, date of encounter [multiple
>> dates for an individual nesting are welcome], nesting code, a GPS reading
>> [when available], and any notes that the observer believes add to the
>> record. Photographs/images are welcome.
>> Report nestings to me via email at <kbarnold2...> or at
>> <kaarnold...> The data base will be made available on the
>> Biodiversity
>> Research and Teaching Collections web site.
>> Keith Arnold
>> Professor Emeritus
>> Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
>> Texas A&M University
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