Date: 4/11/17 7:47 am
From: Annette Jeffers <annette.jeffers...>
Subject: [MDBirding] American White Pelican?
I know no one knows me and I don't have any credibility with this group, but I am pretty certain that what I saw flying east and a few hundred yards up over Interstate 81 just north of the MD/PA border around 6:15 yesterday evening was a lonely white pelican. I almost went off the road. Large lumbering blue heron sized white bird with black all along the trailing edge of the wings. The clincher was that my adult daughters with me took over following it, getting better views, and one said "it has a really long orange beak." Technically in PA territory but close enough where it probably ventured into MD air space. This was definitely a chubby bird with slow wing beats. I know my herons and it was not that. But it was that large

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