Date: 4/11/17 4:34 am
From: Brandon <flammowl17...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Acorn Woodpecker at Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah
It seems like no one has seen two Acorn Woodpeckers this year at
Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah, in Pueblo County. The first sighting
this year was back on Jan 2nd, during the Lake Isabel Christmas Bird
Count, by Van Truan. When I was there on March 17th, I saw the one
Acorn Woodpecker chasing away an European Starling from its favorite
tree. There had been a pair here for a few years, I wonder if
something happened to the female or the pair, as I think the bird that
has been around, is the male.

Brandon Percival
Pueblo West, CO

On 4/11/17, SeEttaM . <seettam...> wrote:
> I drove up to the Pueblo Mountain Park on Sunday where I found a single
> male Acorn Woodpecker. It flew in to the larder tree right off the
> headquarters parking area. As it landed about 50 feet right above me I got
> several good pics that I have now uploaded to my Birds and Nature blog
> <>. There are a couple of other larder
> trees around the park that I have seen these woodpeckers but not Sunday.
> Not a lot of other bird activity but the Pygmy Nuthatches were singing and
> chasing around.
> SeEtta Moss
> Canon City
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