Date: 4/10/17 5:12 pm
From: mpo35771 . <mpo357...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Bald Eagle and Green Herons
Saw a bald eagle being chased by three crows roughly around the corner of
Paxton St and Holmes Run Parkway in Alexandria. The eagle flew up the path
of the creek towards Van Dorn Street, then came back,eventually landing in
a tree. The three crows followed and closed in, and eventually the eagle
left and flew off in the other direction towards Duke St, circling at quite
a height for awhile before he was gone. It was a mature adult with white
tail and white head.

Afterwards headed down to Ben Brenman Park to observe the Green Heron pair
nesting on the west side of the park. The other day they were being
harassed by two or three red-winged blackbirds. Did not see them disturbed

Mark O'Connor
Alexandria, VA
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