Date: 4/10/17 12:20 pm
From: Jeff Parks <lastimout...>
Subject: [cobirds] Wild Goose Chase, some Franklin's Gulls and a Common Loon
Hi all -

After reading reports of a large flock of White-Faced Ibis on Lagerman
Reservoir yesterday, I thought I would see if they were still hanging
around today. I got up there around 9 am, it was still windy, but no signs
of any Ibis. There was an American Avocet wading around on the far side,
and a Greater Yellowlegs, along with a couple of Killdeer. A Northern
Harrier flew over at close range, got some good looks at that one. An bird
sitting on a fencepost threw me off for a minute, I was trying to figure
out what kind of hawk it was until it took off again, when it became
obvious that it was an Osprey.

On a whim, I thought I would take a look at Clover Basin Reservoir, since
it is close by, but there were only a handful of Redheads and Ringnecks on
that one. What the heck, let's see what is on McIntosh Reservoir, it is
only a short distance from here ... There was a good sized flock of
American White Pelicans, around 35 or so, along with some Redheads, a few
Blue-Winged Teal and some other ducks. As I was looking along the near
shore, I spotted two gulls that didn't appear to be Ring-Billed gulls, they
turned out to be Franklin's Gulls. Close enough to get a couple of
pictures (posted below). I watched them for awhile, until a Bald Eagle
flew overhead, sending them out over the reservoir somewhere. After
watching the Pelicans for a litle longer, it was time to head on to the
next stop.

Driving east from 287 on Yellowstone Road, I was almost to N 115th when I
spotted a duck flying east over the field next to me. I was a bit
surprised to see it land up in the trees along the road. Once I got the
binoculars out, it turned out to be a male Wood Duck. I don't know why it
landed in that tree, but it made for some good looks. Once I got up to Ish
Reservoir, there were a few Pelicans, a Horned Grebe, a few Gadwall and
some Green-Winged Teal.

Deciding that it had been mostly a Wild Goose (Wild Ibis?) chase, I headed
back to Boulder. I decided to stop by Baseline Reservoir to see if the
Franklin's Gulls were still there, and there was a pretty good flock on the
north end. I counted 130, there may have been more than that. A single
Common Loon and one Western Grebe were seen in the mix as well. I didn't
stop on the south end, but saw a bunch of ducks on the water there from a
distance. It was time for lunch.

Good birding -

Jeff Parks



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