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Subject: [obol] Re: Fwd: [birding] Please take action keep the Meadowlark as Oregon's official state bird
Thanks for forwarding this, Lars. There is one representative that Bob left
off the list and that is Knute Buehler of Bend. His email address is
<rep.knutebuehler...> . I have written him and two others urging no

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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Oregon's official state bird


My representative, Debbie Boone, a one-time commercial fisherman, has
already responded to my mail.

She will vote against the proposal. The fact that this made it out of
committee is a sad commentary. That

the state senate approved it? Well i know this is more of a Boo subject, but
the State Bird has been a

recurring thread on this list. If every reader mailed their rep I think the
measure would be dead. Lars

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Subject: [birding] Please take action keep the Meadowlark as Oregon's
official state bird

Dear Mid-Willamette Valley Birders

There is a resolution in the legislature, SCR 18, which would change the
official state bird of Oregon from the Western Meadowlark to the Osprey.
The Meadowlark was chosen as the state bird in 1927 based on a competition
voted on by Oregon's school children and sponsored by Audubon.

The proposal to change the official state bird is the result of a single
legislator, Senator Fred Girod of Stayton, who advanced this resolution
without any input or outreach to school kids, the birding community,
conservation community or public at large. Senator Girod has chosen to
ignore alternatives such as designating a "state raptor" or having another
contest among Oregon's school kids to re-designate the official state bird.
Unfortunately the bill has passed the Senate and is now on its way to the

Opsrey are cool but so are Western Meadowlarks.....and the official state
bird should not be changed based on a single senator's personal preference.
Please send members of the Oregon House a quick email and let them know
that you don't want the official state bird changed from Western Meadowlark

Some potential points to make:

1. Respectfully ask them to vote no on SCR 18
2. The official state bird should not be changed without engaging the
birding community, the public and most importantly, school kids (just as
was done in 1927 when the Meadowlark was first chosen). The designation of
any official state symbol should be based on a process the engages,
inspires and educates the public.
3. Birding is one of Oregon's most popular activities and birders
contribute millions of dollars to the Oregon economy each year. It is
disappointing that the legislature would consider re-designating the
official state bird without engaging with the birding community.
4. The Western Meadowlark is a good official state bird! Once common
throughout most of Oregon, the Western Meadowlark is increasingly
uncommon especially West of the Cascades due to loss of grassland
It is a bird that should be readily familiar instead is now listed as
"sensitive" by the State of Oregon. Its designation as Oregon's official
state bird should serve as inspiration to protect and recover the
Meadowlark and Oregon's other imperiled bird species.

Please write the legislature today and let them know that the Meadowlark
be retained as Oregon's official state bird. Please forward this email to
other birders and bird advocates you think would be interested.

The following is a list of addresses for all Oregon representatives and



























































Bob Sallinger
Conservation Director
Audubon Society of Portland
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