Date: 4/10/17 9:41 am
From: Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...>
Subject: Ruby-throat Hummingbird and Northern Parula
My FOS for the R-T hummer occurred yesterday afternoon.
That same afternoon my wife and I visited the Caw Caw Interpretive Center, a Charleston County Park and nature reserve, located off Hwy 17 south of Charleston.  We were sitting at the bird & butterfly garden when we sighted a warbler-type bird we'd never seen before.  Fortunately, my wife had her camera and took a few photos of it.  Later, we researched a number of sources and finally found a matching bird on Cornell's "All About birds" web site.  We confirmed it as a Northern Parula. 

We were doubtful at first because various range maps did not indicate our area as a spring location for the Parula.  They did indicate our area as a summer location.  If anyone questions this sighting, please contact me directly and I will send you the photo.  Also, I would appreciate any insights you have regarding this bird.

Frank HamiltonCharleston, SC

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