Date: 4/10/17 9:25 am
From: Joseph Kennedy <josephkennedy36...>
Subject: [texbirds] Pictures from the coast and Brazos Bend last week
Driving around looking for wet places in Chambers County had a green heron
flying up to a post with a fish

It took a while to get rid of the other stuff

But eventually it went down and after a little preening, the heron noticed
something on the ground and started squawking. It eventually went down and
something there squeaked a little along with the heron calls. Maybe a
little bird but it did not come back to the post

A swainson's hawk was migrating along the highway on Bolivar and turned
north to go inland at high island

It was carrying lunch and some grass so had recently obtained prey

Which was a long legged shorebird

Scissor-tailed flycatchers were on territory

Lesser yellowlegs was the commoner sandpiper in wet spots away from the

Some of the royal terns are developing reddish bills compared to the normal
orange color on the bird in the background. It appears that the color is
not deep as the bill appears orange when looking though the bill at the sun
glare off the water

And my first least bittern of the season was sunning

The highlight of bolivar flats was an oldsquaw out on the sand

The duck had to move periodically as the tide was starting to rise. The
lowest tide I have seen there had virgin sand exposed and it was heavily
used by black-bellied plovers as well as the small plovers. Picking was the
preferred feeding method as only a few dowitchers were using the area.

But the old squaw was crowded as it moved

Earlier in the week Brazos Bend State Park had early broods out and about.
These pied-billed grebes came from nests made back in February

The wing feathers still have a little growing to do

Eastern bluebirds are on the nest

And other people had young out too

18 American bitterns made a daily record for me and most were out in the
open in the green water hyacinths

And the dandelion was the flower of the day

More pictures can be scanned at

Joseph C. Kennedy
on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston

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