Date: 4/10/17 8:41 am
From: Ray <rkorpi...>
Subject: [obol] Say's Phoebe, east Vancouver

As I locked the back patio door this morning (800 am), I flushed a SAY'S PHOEBE off the deck. It flew several houses down, perched, and then flew out front. I suspect it moved to the marshy area between the two housing developments.

I also have had good numbers of Greater Yellowlegs off the back deck over the weekend as have been found in western Clark County: calling birds Friday, at least 10 Saturday at dusk, and constantly calling birds all day yesterday (try to do taxes when all you hear is yellowlegs and green-winged teal, which have numbered in the 150-250 bird range all week). My house overlooks the Lacamas Creek floodplain about two miles above Lacamas Lake

Ray Korpi

Vancouver WA

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