Date: 4/10/17 1:08 am
From: Eddie <emgiles62...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] UPDATE: Brookline Bird Club 'Birding By Ear' Workshop Sessions
Just wanted to provide some updates on the 'Birding By Ear' Workshop
Sessions being offered by the Brookline Bird Club on April 20th and
April 27th:

1) A few days ago, Bob Lawson (Birding By Ear co-author and course
instructor) sent me an outline of the two classes. Here is the
general plan, time permitting:

_SESSION I: April 20th_

* Whistlers
* Thrillers
* High-pitchers
* Up-and-down Singsongers
* Warbling Songsters
* Woodpeckers
* Warblers (MA nesting)

_SESSION II: April 27th_

* Wrens
* Mimic Thrushes
* Rails
* Flycatchers
* Warblers (passing-thru migrants)
* Thrushes

2) As of 4/10, there is only ONE space left for SESSION I on April

3) As of 4/10, there are only NINE spaces left for SESSION II on
April 27th.

These workshops are filling up fast! To secure you seat, follow the
instructions at the end of the workshop description below. Hope to see
you there!


Edward M. Giles
Brookline Bird Club, Inc.


BBC Birding By Ear Workshop Sessions

The Birding By Ear workshop sessions will boost your ability and
confidence in identifying birds by their songs and calls. This course is
taught by Bob Lawson, co-author of the Peterson Field Guide’s ‘Birding
By Ear’ CD series. The material presented is geared toward
novice-intermediate birders. We will employ various tried-and-true
techniques to learn birdsong including phonetics, descriptive terms,
comparisons to everyday sounds, etc. Birds with similar vocalizations
will be grouped together and the distinguishing features of each will be
pointed out. Group discussion and questions are encouraged as people
learn more efficiently when they get personally involved. The sessions
are fun.

The first workshop session will take place on Thursday, April 20th,
2017, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Reading Public Library, 64
Middlesex Avenue in Reading, MA.
The second workshop session will take place on Thursday, April 27th,
2017, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at The Pleasant Street Center (Reading
Senior Center), 49 Pleasant Street in Reading, MA.

This course is designed to encompass two consecutive Thursday evenings,
with different species to be covered each time, but the first class is
not a prerequisite for the second. Each can be signed up for
individually if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend both. The fee
for these workshop sessions is $10 for BBC members and $20 for
non-members and are open to 30 participants. Sign up for both workshop
sessions and BBC members pay only $15 and $35 for non-members. All
proceeds will benefit the BBC Young Birders Scholarship Program.
Advance registration is required; please preregister with BBC Workshop
Chair, Eddie Giles at <emgiles62...>
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